Up in the Clouds at Cumulux

In cloud computing, the sky's the limit; an organization is able to have a powerful, scalable information technology infrastructure at its disposal without the responsibility involved. Simply put, it's a method of computing in which virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users don't need intimate knowledge of the technology infrastructure in the "cloud" floating around them.

"It's a simple concept of being able to run your IT or your software applications on the cloud, which means not running in your primacies or in your servers, but running in, for example, Microsoft or Google's servers," said Paddy Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO of Cumulux, a cloud computing company focused on enabling cloud adoption in enterprises. Cumulux builds products and offers services in this domain to help businesses understand and develop strategies for adopting cloud computing to reduce their costs.

"You're not only outsourcing your IT capabilities, you're outsourcing your IT applications; the very fabric of what is servicing your business is physically running on," he said. "You, as an IT organization, can pay as you go and scale as you need. So I might have 100 users January through March, but then my business might grow to support 5,000 users April through December. When I don't need that kind of capacity, I can scale back and use my outgoing payments."
Under the already existing paradigm, organizations are forced to purchase servers, buy the licenses for the software and hire IT staff. If these resources are suddenly not needed,…



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