University of California Selects SumTotal Software

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<p><strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; April 27</strong><br />SumTotal Systems Inc., a global provider of alent and learning management solutions, signed a contract to provide the University of California with TotalLMS, a learning management system (LMS) that will host the reporting, tracking and delivery of compliance training for 170,000 faculty and staff across the university&#39;s 10 campuses. </p><p>Along with the LMS, the University of<br />California has purchased SumTotal&#39;s software for creating training content, TotalLCMS.</p><p>The university has used a variety of training management systems, either provided by other vendors or built in-house, to track and store training records. </p><p>UC officials, however, say that until purchasing the SumTotal platform, no one system has had the scale to host online training events or manage the data to meet the university&#39;s ever-increasing, systemwide compliance training needs.</p><p>Additionally, given the university&#39;s decentralized, multi-location organizational structure, UC has had no easy way to exchange data electronically between local campuses and the University of California Office of the President (UCOP). </p><p>UC officials think the SumTotal LMS also will provide the university with an efficient and cost-effective system for reporting on compliance and auditing requirements, and that it will also give UC campuses the means to manage their online and instructor-led training.</p><p>&quot;We believe that SumTotal Systems will provide the University of California with one LMS that can not only scale to meet all the university&#39;s needs but also be universally available to faculty and staff regardless of their physical location,&quot; said Steve O&#39;Neill, SumTotal senior director of hosting services. &quot;With our hosting services in place, the university&#39;s internal IT staff won&#39;t have to spend time learning how to run and maintain TotalLMS, which we feel will speed up the implementation of our LMS across the University of California system.&quot;</p>

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