Uninspired Employees? Join Faith in the Workplace

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<strong>North Richland Hills, Texas &mdash; Feb. 11</strong><br />Integrating faith with work has become a growing phenomenon in American businesses, and Ron Rose, founder of Faith Coaching Network is providing Christian leaders with a new way to share their faith in the workplace.<br /><br />Rose&#39;s newly launched Faith in the Workplace Network provides businesses with a nonthreatening way to inspire and support employees. The network program builds on his existing Faith Notes, weekly e-mails that contain reflections and real-world stories about topics that help readers continue or start their faith journey, such as owning up to mistakes, forgiveness, reaching out to others and setting priorities.<br /><br />”Faith Notes has been published weekly for years, but this use of the resource is new,” said Rose. The idea came from a Christian businessman who had used Faith Notes with his employees and suggested that others would like to do the same. “More than ever, Christian leaders in small businesses are looking for ways to bring their faith to work without being offensive or intimidating,” said Rose. “This program provides a chance to be inspirational without being preachy.”<br /><br />As part of Faith in the Workplace&#39;s “nonpreachy” attitude, the e-mails do not promote any specific denominational doctrine. In addition, Rose emphasizes a no-pressure approach to encouraging participation. “Employers who subscribe on their own can send a company-wide memo stating<br />that they have found this faith coaching resource helpful and they want to share it with the company, focusing on the weekly inspiration and hope-building impact of the resource,” he suggested.<br /><br />Another enrollment option that ensures that the e-mails go directly to each employee&#39;s inbox is assigning someone in the company to subscribe everyone else. However, businesses that do not have e-mail set up for all their employees can opt to print hard copies of the Faith Notes and make those copies available in their lunch, break or conference room, if feasible.<br /><br />Options for using the Faith Notes e-mails include the following:<br /><br /><ul><li>Making the e-mails discussion starters for group activities.</li><li>Reprinting the notes in company publications.</li><li>Encouraging employees to subscribe to the e-mails from their home computers.</li></ul><br />In short, businesspeople should use the Faith Notes e-mails in whatever format best suits their work environment: “The goal is to have the resource available, not force it on anyone,” said Rose. In fact, the Faith in the Workplace Web page emphasizes that employees will be able to unsubscribe without anyone else knowing.<br /><br />The enrollment page includes the option for donations because Rose has found that putting funds on the line increases users&#39; commitment and broadcasts that commitment to others. However, companies that do not donate will still have complete access to Faith Notes.<br />

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