Uniloc Unveils Strategies for Solving Software Licensing Challenges

Irvine, Calif.
Uniloc USA Inc., a provider of physical device recognition for IP protection and license management, unveiled its top five software licensing strategies for improving the software user experience, reducing software piracy and driving increased sales.

Software publishers finding themselves faced with the complexities of customer service, hacker-based revenue loss and evolving market demands seek guidance to remedy these issues. Assisting software publishers, Uniloc CIO Casey Potenzone provides strategies for growing software organizations by applying next-generation software licensing technology.

Software publishers are frequently challenged with maintaining customer satisfaction to drive product adoption while counteracting piracy. Furthermore, models of distribution are evolving with new and ever-expanding partnership and affiliate channels, overseas distribution mechanisms and new licensing models such as software-as-a-service bringing new complexities.

Regional levels of piracy vary dramatically, necessitating more flexible licensing models that can adapt to such variations. Recognized as some of the industry's toughest problems for software publishers, they are readily addressed with the right approach to licensing.

In a paper titled, “Strategies Addressing the Top Five Software Licensing Challenges,” Potenzone presents strategies, technologies and guidelines for taking software publishers to the next level from a licensing and IP protection perspective:

1. Don't lose touch with your customer when expanding sales channels. Second only to a quality product, a publisher's software sales and marketing strategy is at the core of its ability to sustain and grow revenue. Retail, channel and direct distribution models are complemented by a variety of e-commerce and electronic distribution solutions that…



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