Uniloc Announces StrongPoint Identity and Access Management Appliance for Infrastructure Security

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<strong>Irvine, Calif. &mdash; March 4</strong><br />Uniloc USA Inc., a provider of device-based authentication, announced StrongPoint, a powerful device-based identity and access management (IAM) appliance for infrastructure security. StrongPoint uses device fingerprinting to ensure secure private networks between a StrongPoint Server at the NOC (Network Operations Center) and StrongPoint appliances located at field controls. StrongPoint provides superior protection against unauthorized insider and cyber security threats for SCADA networks in the transportation, government, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, water and waste treatment industries.<br /><br />SCADA networks contain computers and applications that conduct essential operations in the delivery of services across a wide variety of critical industry and government infrastructures, including transportation networks, electric power grids, water delivery networks and sewage networks to control pumps, valves and switches. As such, they are a part of the United States&#39; industrial infrastructure that demands protection against a variety of insider and external threats. While SCADA networks deliver significant operational efficiencies and are pervasive throughout North America, security of these systems often is less than optimal because emphasis has been placed on performance, reliability and safety, leaving these networks prone to attack.<br /><br />StrongPoint appliances will protect SCADA networks using Uniloc device fingerprinting to restrict SCADA network access to designated PCs at the NOC. This will limit access to designated computers used by authorized field engineering staff logging into the NOC Virtual Private Network (VPN). With StrongPoint, a hacker must be on an authorized PC to impersonate an authorized user. StrongPoint also provides notification and location of unauthorized VPN connection attempts at the NOC. The hardened appliance is designed specifically to meet the growing need for security and hack resistance in the rapidly evolving world of SCADA systems. StrongPoint shields field control systems against malicious code threats, ensuring against network vulnerabilities and monitoring field security status conveniently from the NOC.<br /><br />Econolite, a technology provider in the transportation sector with more than 100,000 intersections under management and more than 45 advanced traffic management systems deployed, has partnered with Uniloc to deliver StrongPoint to the transportation space. Econolite will deliver StrongPoint through its channels to protect traffic control networks against unauthorized insider access and cyber security threats. Econolite also will provide the hardware platform on which StrongPoint is based.<br /><br />"As the leading transportation solution provider, Econolite understands the issues surrounding safety and security of SCADA and other networks," said Persephone Oliver, vice president of marketing communications for Econolite. "The partnership between Econolite and Uniloc and the delivery of StrongPoint to market will set new milestones in the protection of critical transportation assets. We believe the product is well positioned to do the same for all public infrastructures."<br /><br />StrongPoint capabilities include:<br /><br /><ul><li>Protection of SCADA systems and field controls from the effects of cyber attack.</li><li>Unprecedented hack-resistance that significantly improves upon traditional router, switch and firewall security.</li><li>Uncompromising security on any infrastructure, including open standards, wireless and public Internet.</li><li>Bi-directional security, prohibiting network access from breached field substations.</li><li>Cross-platform compatibility with any and all operating systems and field control hardware.</li><li>Notification and location of unauthorized StrongPoint VPN connection attempts.</li><li>Extraordinarily low impact on network performance.</li></ul><br />The public and government technology markets are a large and growing opportunity for StrongPoint as infrastructure security takes center stage. The federal government&#39;s top technology opportunities in fiscal year 2008 are valued at $123 billion, according to a recent report by INPUT, an authority on government business. In addition to federal requirements, state and local government spending rose more than $361 million in fiscal year 2007 for the purchase of IT equipment, software and services and this trend is expected to continue.<br /><br />"Open standards make it very easy for hackers to gain detailed knowledge about the workings of SCADA networks," said Casey Potenzone, CIO at Uniloc. "StrongPoint stops attacks in their tracks, protecting public infrastructures with device-based identity management more accurate than human DNA is at identifying humans. Now, public infrastructures gain a powerful ally in the defense against unauthorized network access."<br /> <br />StrongPoint is available in limited release and is scheduled for general availability in early Q3/2008. Pricing is based on configuration and scale of environment.<br />

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