Uncovering Cabling Certification Options

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All About Cabling Certification

Recently, a reader wrote in asking about cabling certification
alternatives. Seems he’d been studying for the Cisco Certified Network
Professional (CCNP) exams, but his boss wants him to consider becoming a
BICSO Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). What this
reader wanted to know is whether there are any alternatives to RCDD



BICSI is a telecommunications association (see the Web site at
http://www.bicsi.org) offering certification to telecommunications
professionals. The RCDD certification designates that the certificant
can design, implement and integrate telecommunications and data
communications transport systems and related infrastructure. Candidates
must have a minimum of two years of experience in distribution design.
The credential is good for three years, after which candidates can
recertify for three-year periods.



According to Ed Tittel, contributing editor to Certification Magazine,
“Cabling certifications, per se, are few and far between. Other than the
RCDD, other certifications tend to deal with cabling as one of many
topics related to their subject matter.”



So what are your options? Here are Ed’s suggestions:



*Certifications offered by the National Association of
Communication System Engineers (NACSE). Let’s look specifically
at the NACSE Cable Technician (NCBT). NCBT responsibilities
include cable puller/installer, wiring closets, punch down
blocks, new building wiring, project management and LAN network
infrastructure. Candidates must have six months of LAN cabling
experience plus a certificate, class or experience in networking
fundamentals. See
http://www.nacse.com for more information on
this and other related certifications.


*Certs from the National Association of Radio & Telecommunications
Engineers (NARTE). The NARTE offers certifications for
technicians and engineers in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
and Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD). EMC certification is
for those whose work includes bonding, grounding, shielding, EMI
(electromagnetic interference) prediction, EMI analysis,
conducted and radiated interference, lightning protection and
more. The ESD certification is for those who focus on problems,
engineering design and corrective measures surrounding
electrostatic discharge elimination. For more information on
these credentials, go to


*CompTIA’s Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) certification. The
HTI+ is designed for technicians servicing the automated home
industry. The two exams cover three domains: residential systems
(including such things as computer networking fundamentals,
telecommunications standards, home lighting control and HVAC
management), structured wiring and systems integration. Check out
the Web site at



Ed also recommends looking at vendor-specific certification programs
from the following:




*3Com (http://www.3com.com/support/en_US/training/certification)

*Cisco’s specialist certifications, including the Cisco Cable Communications Specialist 1




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