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<p><strong>Montreal &mdash; May 8</strong><br />Dr. Claude Frasson, a thought leader in artificial intelligence (AI), has announced the creation of uMind, a company specializing in the delivery of a patented, second-generation e-learning software.<br /><br />A result of 10 years of research and development, uMind will deliver two pioneering platforms that teach rather than simply deploy content. </p><p>Harnessing the power of AI, uSim and uLearn estimate, control and anticipate learner behavior. </p><p>They build and modify the learning path in real time and generate advanced pedagogical strategies according to the learner&rsquo;s needs. </p><p>They assist and guide learners throughout the course and provide them with relevant, adapted feedback in real time. <br /><br />uMind platforms dramatically increase learning, understanding and retention by dynamically adapting training to each learner&rsquo;s existing knowledge base, skill gaps, preferred cadence and learning style.&nbsp; </p><p>Overall learning time has been proved to decrease by 50 percent, and learning and retention are improved by more than 35 percent as demonstrated by independent studies.<br /><br />&ldquo;We have taken dynamic, adaptive learning to levels never experienced in the past,&rdquo; Frasson said. &ldquo;Our primary objective is to build technology that understands and responds to the human learning process rather than the other way around&rdquo;.<br /><br />Suited to a wide cross-section of applications, uMind platforms, which seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art learning techniques, have excelled at everything from critical training in the transportation, education, telecom and public safety and security fields to just-in-time learning for professionals in some of North America&rsquo;s top financial services firms.<br /><br />&ldquo;The mettle of our top-caliber research and design team was consistently tested in the refinement of these market-leading technologies,&rdquo; Frasson said. &ldquo;Now, each additional innovation is limited only by our imagination.&rdquo;<br /><br />Frasson is the founder of the Intelligent Tutoring System Conference (ITS), a forum that attracts 500 top-level international researchers for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas in computer science, AI and human learning. </p><p>He is also an adviser to both the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as a tenured professor at the University of Montreal. </p><p>Frasson heads the Heron Laboratory and the GRITI, a group of 75 multidisciplinary researchers across seven North American universities whose ultimate goal is to understand how the brain produces, stores and retrieves knowledge.<br /><br />AI is a branch of computer science and engineering that traditionally has dealt with intelligent behavior, learning and adaptation in machines to provide automated solutions to real-life challenges. </p><p>This generally involves borrowing characteristics from human intelligence and applying them as algorithms in a computer-friendly way. </p><p>Whereas first-generation AI learning systems focused on emulating human behavior &mdash; perceive, reason, make decisions and act &mdash; to perform a task, uMind&rsquo;s second-generation iLearning systems far surpass simple mimic.</p>

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