UC Irvine Extension Provides Budgeting Course

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<p><strong>Irvine, Calif. &mdash; June 1</strong><br />UC Irvine Extension is launching a course this summer that could put some technical managers on the fast track. </p><p>The course, &ldquo;Budgeting and Finance for Technical Managers,&rdquo; will help students get a better understanding of the budgeting process and will provide budget management tools designed to simplify the budgeting process. </p><p>The course is part of UC Irvine Extention&rsquo;s Management and Leadership for Engineering and Technical Professionals Specialized Studies Program. </p><p>It will address such topics as viewing budgets from an organizational perspective and interpreting financial statements, and it also will provide a review of forecasting strategies and vendor management.<br /><br />At the end of the course, students should be able to develop a budget for an IT department, use time value of money concepts to compare project options and employ forecasting techniques to evaluate future resource needs. </p><p>In addition, they will be able to select and manage appropriate IT vendors effectively.<br /><br />Teaching the course will be John Lafare, who serves as the vice president and director of investment management systems for the Capital Group Cos., an investment advisory firm. </p><p>Before his tenure with Capital Group Cos., Lafare acted as vice president and manager of the advanced technology department for Security Pacific National Bank. </p><p>He received his master&rsquo;s in business administration from UCLA and is also a graduate of Masatoshi&rsquo;s School of Management.<br /><br />&ldquo;It&rsquo;s often been said that IT (and other technical) professionals &lsquo;speak a different language&rsquo; than other people within an organization,&rdquo; Lafare said. &ldquo;However, in order to excel, IT professionals must learn to speak the same language as their organization. </p><p>&quot;From my experience, the common language of most organizations is that of finance and management. This course gives students the opportunity to learn how to demonstrate added value to their organization or employer and to do it in a way that doesn&rsquo;t compromise their individual skill sets as IT managers.&rdquo;</p>

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