U.K.’s Largest Mobile Learning Project, Event

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<p><strong>York, England &mdash; Nov. 13</strong><br />Learning technology provider MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) reveals aims and outcomes of the U.K.&#39;s most ambitious mobile learning and assessment project to date at the 13th Online Educa Berlin conference.<br /><br />MKM communications director Tom Holland and Gareth Frith from the University of Leeds will talk on the use of mobile technologies for collaborative learning and assessment using working examples from the Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings project (ALPS).<br /><br />The most significant mobile learning and assessment project undertaken in the U.K. to date, ALPS has enabled graduates from a range of health and social care courses to use smartphones to assess their competencies in the clinic, hospital or workplace.<br /><br />The major provider of learning systems for the project, York-based MKM has created a backbone system to handle the management, mapping, coordination and analysis of the assessment data.<br /><br />MKM is integrating a number of its products into the ALPS solution. A networked version of its Compendle system allows course leaders to compile and manage assessments using a range of existing repositories.<br /><br />A competency mapping system based on the company&rsquo;s new Capability Matrix skills gap system enables tutors to match competencies with assessments. MKM&rsquo;s e-portfolio, integrated with a multifunction cohort management system, allows learners to compile a record of their learning.<br /><br />All of these systems will integrate with the online learning environments that learners and tutors are accustomed to using.<br /><br />ALPS is to provide the students with a range of materials focused on helping them to assess their competencies, accessible any time, anywhere, via their phones or PDAs.<br /><br />Students will be able to complete assessment questionnaires via their devices, covering core competencies such as teamwork and communication.<br /><br />They will also be encouraged to reflect on their skills as they practice them. Using the multimedia capabilities of their mobile phones, they will be able to record sound and video, and upload these to e-portfolios online as evidence of their achievements.<br /><br />As part of their presentation, Holland and Frith demonstrate how MKM&rsquo;s materials management tools Compendle and Question Builder can be used to create competency quizzes, deliverable to students via mobile technologies.<br /><br />The key event for the international technology-supported learning and training industry, the Online Educa Berlin conference attracts a lineup of international experts and is the largest international event of its kind, with over 2,000 delegates from more than 90 countries.<br /><br />High-level decision-makers will be attending the conference, including senior professionals from education, business and government.<br /><br />Tom Holland&rsquo;s and Gareth Frith&rsquo;s talk &ndash; “Online Learning Services for the Mobile Learner” &ndash; takes place at noon on Nov. 29 at Online Educa Berlin 2007.<br /><br />The event runs from Nov. 28&ndash;30, 2007 at the city&rsquo;s Hotel InterContinental.<br /><br />More information is available at www.online-educa.com. </p>

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