U.K. Retailers Fill Training Skills Gap for Motivation

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York, England — Sept. 24
British retailers are benefiting from more effective staff training through the use of the latest in skills gap analysis technology from MyKnowledgeMap (MKM).

Pre-loaded with core retail competencies, MKM’s new Capability Matrix system played a key role in the Retail Academy’s Pathways to Progression and Accreditation in the Retail Sector (RAPPARS) project.

Run jointly by the Retail Academy, the sector skills council Skillsmart Retail, and a national partnership of training providers, the project helped employees in more than 1,000 retail businesses to raise motivation and productivity levels within their workforces and improve their overall competitiveness by pinpointing crucial skills gaps and training needs at an organizational, departmental and individual level.

From detailed skills reports produced by Capability Matrix, retailers were able to attend workshops and take formal qualifications in the training and education relevant to their needs.

One of Europe’s largest retail trade associations, the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) has appointed the Retail Academy as its own tailored training arm and has actively encouraged its members to use the RAPPARS system, producing more than 1,000 skills reports in response.

“The project outcome has helped participating members to focus on key areas for improvement and implement the skills needed to drive profitability and competitiveness,” said Charles Fleckney, NFRN national training and field operations manager.

To date, Capability Matrix has successfully helped U.K. retail businesses, including the Association of Convenience Stores, representing 32,000 neighborhood and community retailers throughout the United Kingdom, and the Retail Skills Shop at Bluewater, which supplies training to Europe’s largest shopping center.

MKM summarizes the system as a solution offering benefits for all Retail Academy stakeholders.

“Capability Matrix provides labor market intelligence in which the Retail Academy can pinpoint skill gaps for smaller retailers throughout the U.K.,” said Rob Arntsen, MKM managing director. “It’s not just retailers who use Capability Matrix — training providers use it to collect and collate vast amounts of data. This data is used in producing the training that these businesses need in order to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing business world. And the retailers use the reports generated to create employee development plans that will go to improve the skills within their businesses.”

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