Two Tiers of MySQL Certification Now Available

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MySQL AB has released two exams that make up the central part of the growing Certification Program for Open Source Database: the central MySQL Core Certification, which went live on March 5, 2003, and the advanced MySQL Professional Certification, which went live April 14, 2004. MySQL exams are delivered through 3,000 Pearson VUE ( testing centers worldwide. Both tests are 90 minutes in duration and consist of approximately 70 questions each.

The MySQL Core Certification is aimed at the professional MySQL user who wants proof of prowess in the fields of SQL, data entry and maintenance, data extraction for reporting, etc. MySQL 4 Core Certification is the first tier to full MySQL certification. All candidates must first pass this exam before moving on to the MySQL Professional Certification. The Core Certification indicates that you’re capable of creating and using databases and tables, inserting, modifying, deleting and retrieving data from a MySQL database, all based on a number of criteria that occur in real-world situations. The job role of a person holding the MySQL Core Certification typically will be to maintain data in company databases, perform data analysis, import and export data, etc.


The MySQL Professional Certification is for the user who has more experience in the world of MySQL and wants the credentials that prove knowledge in such areas as database management, installation, security, disaster prevention and optimization. The MySQL Professional Certification is the second tier of the MySQL certification program and provides proof that an individual can master more complex issues, such as installing a server from scratch, keeping the server running smoothly at all times, using the new table types, using more advanced SQL and analyzing the trouble spots of other users’ queries. Specifically this exam covers: MySQL architecture, MySQL installation and configuration, security issues, optimizing for query speed, MyISAM Tables, InnoDB tables and advanced server features. The typical job role of a MySQL-Professional is to set up and manage one or more MySQL servers in an organization and often manage a team of one or more users and programmers of MySQL products.


Those who register for the MySQL training class before June 30, 2004 will receive the certification exam free.


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