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Charlotte, N.C.
The social networking site Twitter is based on the question, “What are you doing right now?” If the answer is looking for a job or seeking to fill an open position, a new start-up has built an application that might be for you.

The company is, and was founded by Gary Zukowski, an entrepreneur located in Charlotte, NC. Using a proprietary software program that Zukowski created, people can search jobs for free by signing up for various job channels in cities across America. Companies, in turn, can post jobs on the site as well. When a job becomes available on a job channel for which a person has subscribed, the individual instantly receives a text message on his or her cell phone announcing the opportunity.

“The goal is to become the premier and largest job posting site in America,” Zukowski said. “Based on the simplicity for both the job seeker and job poster, we are confident we are well-positioned to become the industry leader and completely revolutionize the employment market.”

In addition to connecting individuals, provides resume posting services, the ability to forward a job to a friend and a service that allows companies to feed all of their jobs electronically to

“Everyone keeps asking, what are the practical business applications for Twitter,” Zukowski said. “ addresses that need in the marketplace.”

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