Turnstone Adopts CBM Credential to Fuel Growth

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; June 29</strong><br />Turnstone, a Steelcase company, has selected the Certified Business Manager (CBM) credential as a management development tool for its senior leadership team to help fuel global growth and increase the company&rsquo;s competitiveness.</p><p>The CBM, already adopted by Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Avaya Communications, is a rigorous, four-part, 16-hour standardized exam based on an MBA-level curriculum. </p><p>Administered by the Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM), the certification provides a common base of knowledge required of business managers in all functional areas, including business ethics issues. </p><p>&ldquo;We believe teamwork is a critical element to our success, and a functional expert often cannot contribute to planning across a range of business needs,&quot; said John Malnor, Turnstone general manager. &quot;We also need team members capable of making rapid decisions across a range of issues, often in support of the whole team. </p><p>&quot;The CBM content is what every manager needs to know, whether they are in marketing, operations or finance. We see any investment in our people as an investment in our future &mdash; an investment in doing better business. Our leadership team is a diverse group with a broad range of functional expertise. The CBM will make this team a true force of business generalists, positioning the company for increased productivity and profitability well into the future.&nbsp; We love what we do &mdash; and believe we can do it even better.&rdquo;</p><p>The CBM candidates from Turnstone are planning to work together as a team to study and prepare for the exam. </p><p>Malnor has allocated about four hours per week of work time for studying, preparing and reviewing the comprehensive material tested on the CBM exam. </p><p>The GM also has designed incentives if all team members pass the exam on the first try. </p><p>In addition to using the CBM as a management development tool, Turnstone views the CBM as a team building exercise.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Turnstone truly understands the value of the CBM credential, and we are honored to be working with John and his team,&rdquo; said Devi Vallabhaneni, APBM president and CEO. &ldquo;This is the first time that an organization&rsquo;s senior management team &mdash; together with the company&rsquo;s general manager himself &mdash; has embraced the CBM. The company&rsquo;s reputation as a leader in investing in employee development precedes it, and this is just one more example of the organization&rsquo;s commitment to its people.&rdquo; </p>

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