Turn a Project Position Into a Full-Time Role

Full-time hiring may be improving, but there’s little question temporary hiring is steadily picking up. Many companies cut too deeply during the downturn and are now finding themselves short staffed as customer demand increases. As a result, they are turning to project workers for flexibility, keeping staff levels fluid until demand proves to be long-term in nature.

This is good news for IT professionals. Project roles often can lead to full-time opportunities. Seventy-three percent of CIOs recently interviewed by Robert Half Technology said it helps to bring in prospective employees on a project or contract basis as a means of evaluating them for full-time employment.

Here are some suggestions for turning a temporary position into a full-time job:

Register with a staffing firm. Instead of looking for project work on your own, get some support. Staffing firms have contacts throughout the IT community and often know about openings that may not be published on job boards. It’s free to register with these services, and when you do, you can effectively double your reach during the job search.

Pick the right advocate. It’s important to register with a staffing firm that specializes in placing technology professionals because its employees will have stronger connections with IT hiring managers and be able to speak more effectively to potential employers about your specific skill set. In addition, by taking advantage of the free training opportunities that most staffing firms offer, you can develop new skills and increase the types…



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