Trustix Enterprise Firewall Delivers Free Security for Enterprise Networks

<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Comodo, a security company, announced the release of Trustix&trade; Enterprise Firewall version 4.8 (TEF), a free enterprise class LINUX-based firewall solution. Trustix&trade; Enterprise Firewall delivers a high-performance firewall to monitor network traffic and protect the network against unauthenticated traffic or login attempts that may inject Trojans, worms or infected files into the network. TEF, widely acclaimed for its innovative WYSIWYG interface in combination with its sophisticated security features, remains free for use without requiring any licensing, subscription or renewal fees.<br /><br />Firewalls are designed to allow or block network traffic based on a number of criteria, usually related to where the traffic is coming from and what ports or services are being used. Comodo&#39;s offering provides core firewall functionality, but also contains several additional security and usability features to safeguard a company&#39;s network, including:<br /><br />&bull;    Monitoring traffic volume and the type of traffic<br />&bull;    Advising administrator about malicious activity and how many attempts there were to break into the network<br />&bull;    A fully featured packet-filtering router with advanced capabilities<br />&bull;    A unique, intuitive GUI enabling administrators to visualize and edit firewall policy, plus manage traffic for all security zones (up to 24) as well as port forwarding, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) configurations<br />&bull;    Packet-filtering, enabling TEF to act as a router to accelerate data transmission<br />&bull;    Command-line scanner<br />&bull;    Fast, multithreaded daemon with support for on-access scanning<br />&bull;    Milter interface for sendmail<br />&bull;    Virus database auto updater, virus…



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