TruePosition Opens New Facility in Greater Boston

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<strong>Boston</strong><br />TruePosition Inc., a provider of wireless location technologies and solutions and a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp., announced the worldwide expansion of its research and development initiatives and the opening of a world-class Research and Development Center in Westborough, Mass. <br /><br />The employees in the new facility will work on developing innovative location technologies that will enable next-generation, location-based safety and security solutions.<br /> <br />The Westborough Center is a nearly 9,000-square-foot facility equipped with a highly sophisticated lab. The facility is an integral part of TruePosition&rsquo;s future worldwide research and development activities. The center will initially house 20 percent of the rapidly expanding TruePosition Research and Development Department and is projected to grow rapidly thereafter. <br /><br />TruePosition scientists and engineers in The Westborough Center will undertake research that will enhance the TruePosition Location Platform, which includes hardware, software and services for determining the location of mobile phones.<br /> <br />&ldquo;To remain responsive to the needs of customers and the global marketplace, we are expanding our investment in R&D around the world,&rdquo; stated Stephen Stuut, chief executive officer for TruePosition. &ldquo;We view Boston as an excellent area to establish our new R&D facility because of the current pool of high-tech talent and the positive entrepreneurial business climate. We expect to further increase our presence in the high-tech community in the Boston area.”<br /> <br />TruePosition&rsquo;s network-based wireless location technology is deployed nationwide in the United States with the major GSM operators and is used to locate wireless subscribers who dial 911. TruePosition is making pioneering strides in incorporating location information into various safety and security applications. <br /><br />TruePosition currently has a large portfolio of location technologies such as Cell ID (CID), Enhanced Cell ID (E-CID), Angle of Arrival (AOA), Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA), and Assisted GPS (A-GPS), as well as Hybrid Location Solutions that incorporate multiple location technologies.<br />

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