Trivantis’ Lectora 2008 Expands E-Learning

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Cincinnati — Dec. 19
Trivantis Corp., a provider of e-learning authoring and publishing tools, announced the rollout of the new Lectora 2008 line of software, which includes new capabilities to meet the needs of both novice and highly experienced e-learning content developers. Lectora Publisher, Lectora Professional Publishing Suite, and special language versions in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German have been widely adopted around the world because of their ease of use and reliability coupled with its ability to produce complex, interactive multimedia content.

“Because Trivantis stays in close touch with its customers, we see firsthand how Lectora users are becoming more skilled and sophisticated in the e-learning content they create, and we need to be out in front of their needs with new top-end capabilities,” said Trivantis Founder and Chief Software Architect Tim Loudermilk. “Combining these new high-end features while retaining the ease of use that makes Lectora the global leader results in the most productive authoring tool in the world.”

By meeting the needs of both novice and experienced content developers, Lectora has gained a loyal following worldwide among those in the training and academic communities. “In a nutshell, Lectora is an authoring tool you can grow with,” said Ben Contra, Trivantis executive vice president. “Many of our customers initially choose Lectora because they can begin developing content immediately. They stay with Lectora for the long run because it meets their needs for a wide variety of e-learning content, from simple courses to intricate adaptive learning and Section 508 Compliant courses.”

Among the 50 new features found in Lectora 2008 are:

• Flash Conversion. Video, audio, and animation files are automatically compressed and converted to Flash for faster loading of content.
• Help Agents. Video tutorials instruct new users on key features for an even lower learning curve.
• Media Library. Helps users keep media files organized for faster development and enables easier collaboration for networked developers.
• Certificate Tool. Customizable completion certificates make it easy to reward students for a successful completion of a test or course.
• Easy Access Template Gallery. More than 250 templates are labeled and categorized for quick searches and instantly availability.
• Content Protection. Makes it nearly impossible for students to copy and paste content from course pages.

Lectora 2008 continues the software’s legacy of strong compliance to e-learning standards and compatibility with an extensive number of quality learning management systems. Lectora was the first authoring system to be certified as AICC Compliant and has a consistent performance record with SCORM, Microsoft LRN and Section 508 e-learning standards.

For a complete list of Lectora new features for 2008, please visit the Trivantis Web site at Experience Lectora 2008 firsthand by downloading a 14-day trial version as well as registering to view a weekly online live demonstration.

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