Trivantis’ CourseMill 5.0 LMS Makes Affordable

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<strong>Cincinnati</strong><br />Trivantis Corp., known worldwide for its Lectora e-learning authoring software, announced the release of CourseMill 5.0 Learning Management System. Building on CourseMill&rsquo;s foundation of ease of use and affordability, Trivantis has added new features in its latest release to benefit students, instructors, administrators and even commercial online pay-for-a-course businesses. Available as an installed on-site application as well as a hosted application service provider (ASP) LMS, CourseMill extends its reputation as a highly customizable, flexible system to deliver online training efficiently and economically.<br /><br />CourseMill 5.0 is maintaining its $15,000 price for the software version and now includes:<br /><br /><ul><li>Curriculum customization by bundling multiple courses to create learning tracks.</li><li>Automatic reporting to run, archive and e-mail status reports at designated intervals.</li><li>Expanded registration to collect additional student information if needed.</li><li>E-commerce capabilities, with shopping cart, customer transaction processing and discounting functions.</li><li>Credit-hours designation for tracking students&rsquo; progress toward meeting requirements.</li><li>Individualized student report cards for students to track course history and grades.</li><li>Transcript reports to view students&rsquo; overall course history and scores.</li><li>Advanced search and help functions.</li></ul><br />&ldquo;CourseMill&rsquo;s success as both a software and hosted solution is due to its flexibility and no-nonsense approach to learning management,&rdquo; said Ben Contra, executive vice president at Trivantis Corp. &ldquo;When education and training professionals are shopping LMSs and then discover CourseMill, they&rsquo;re amazed by the excellent value Trivantis&rsquo; LMS delivers.&rdquo;<br /><br />CourseMill is used by large and small corporations, government agencies, schools and nonprofit organizations because it delivers, tracks and manages e-learning courses in a simple, secure, single-source learning environment. CourseMill&rsquo;s ease of installation, operation and price have set it apart from other LMSs.<br /><br />&ldquo;When we introduced CourseMill six years ago,” said Tim Loudermilk, founder and chief software architect at Trivantis Corp., &ldquo;we were determined to offer an alternative to expensive feature-bloated LMSs that failed to deliver good value. With CourseMill 5.0, Trivantis continues to provide a smart, level-headed solution to meeting customers&rsquo; learning management needs.&rdquo;<br />

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