Transitioning Into Microsoft 2007 With Certiport

Few will argue that it’s difficult to find the right candidates for IT jobs today. Several forces are threatening growth and heightening the competition for talent.

One of these forces is the growing IT skills gap. However, according to Gartner, the current shortage is very different from the one experienced during the dot-com squeeze. That one involved an insufficient number of professionals with technical skills and domain-specific expertise. Today’s shortage involves a lack of IT pros with universal qualifications, relevant experience and business insight whose focus is on understanding and managing business processes and technology.

Why are these professionals in such high demand? Surveys suggest most large companies are looking to increase their competitive edge through various transformation programs, and they see IT as a vehicle by which they can do that. However, in a hurry to capitalize on technology, many companies are implementing new platforms without ensuring employees are using features correctly.

Effective training and certification not only prepares businesses for transformation, but also helps maximize their investments. According to an IDC report, less than one-third of employers screen job applicants for proficiency in Microsoft Office. They also don’t validate existing employees who spend up to 80 percent of their workday on this platform, according to an IDC white paper. As innovative businesses around the world already are learning, the new frontier of competitiveness lies in understanding and effectively developing these relevant skills.

Leveraging a New Office System

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007,…



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