Transcender Offers E-Learning Certification Courses

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IT certification training company Transcender has announced the availability of several new e-learning courses for Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA and Oracle, with Sun classes in the near future. The curriculum, which includes 24×7 accessibility, provides users with unlimited instruction on a certification for a year.


“Adding e-learning was really part of our ongoing desire to be a training partner with IT professionals,” said Brian Sholly, vice president of marketing, Transcender. “We’re always looking at how we can improve our products and better serve the IT professional. This can be a great learning tool that expands what we were able to do previously with practice tests alone.”


These new classes came right after the introduction of Transcender’s new test engine, which provides users with substantial customization capabilities to meet their specific learning needs. The decision to develop e-learning offerings was driven by Transcender’s recognition of the rising popularity of this relatively new modality, Sholly said. “We really felt this was a natural extension for us. We did some research and found that 56 percent of (IT professionals) said they had used e-learning or some type of computer-based training over the past 12 months. The number-two category, at 49 percent, was books or self-study.”


Learners can purchase the courses, which were developed with corporate partner Thomson NETg, on the Transcender Web site. The e-learning programs will always be accessed through their Transcender learning center browser, said April Browne, the company’s director of marketing. “From there, they’re presented with a menu with all of the curriculums they have purchased,” she said. “They click on the curriculum they’re interested in opening and they’re presented with all the courses within that. There is a course map where they can navigate to a specific topic.”


“They have the choice of having an instructor speak to them, just being to read the content or having both presented to them,” Sholly added. “They are interactive, so that there are opportunities to participate.”


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