Transcender Introduces New Test Engine

Transcender, a provider of numerous products around certification preparation, has released a new test engine that affords users greater customization capabilities when utilizing the company’s practice exam titles through electronic-based platforms. Although there are dozens of enhancements in the Transcender test engine, all the new features can essentially be broken down into three categories, said Chip Schuneman, president of Transcender. These are the ability to flex the learning environment, the capacity to add and augment content, and new functions that enhance users’ online and offline experiences.

“From a customer flexibility standpoint, customers don’t just want a standard off-the-shelf product; they want to be able to customize it themselves,” Schuneman said. “That’s no different with IT professionals pursuing certification. This new engine has a set of preset exams for our customers. It also has something really unique in the industry called an item optimizer, which actually learns about the IT professional’s training and experience and serves up the questions that he or she may need to learn during that experience.”

The test engine also offers customers the choice between two different study modes, which they can oscillate between as needed. In the Optimize Exam Experience mode, which allows users to arrange practice tests according to their study needs, individuals can personalize their testing experience with six different controls, set learning preferences and determine how answers are accessed. The Preset Exam Experience mode features a timed practice test that accurately simulates the actual credentialing environment, which helps learners determine…



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