Trancender Releases Exam Simulations

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Transcender, which provides numerous products around certification preparation, has announced the release of six simulations for its Cert-70-290 and Cert-70-291 practice exam products, which are aimed at individuals preparing for Microsoft’s “Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment” and “Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure” exams, respectively.


Microsoft introduced simulations for those exams in March of this year, citing their effectiveness and accuracy in verifying IT professionals’ skills with Windows Server 2003 as reasons for the change. Transcender worked on these products with the solution developer who wrote the Microsoft simulations, company officials reported. The simulations in the Transcender practice exams are designed to replicate what participants will see in the actual test environment. The company recommends customers purchase the CD-ROM version of these practice exams. Because of design and detail, the new simulation engine is more than 30 MG.


The new Transcender simulations test comprehension of administrative tasks, such as configuring permissions, TCP/IP settings, DHCP settings and other functions. They include in-depth explanations which explain the available completion paths, and why those are correct. The simulations display the text of completed items, so users do not have to return them. They also can review saved answers by re-entering the simulations once tests are completed.


Transcender has rolled out several other products this year, such as e-learning courses developed in cooperation with Thomson NETg that help train individuals for Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco and Oracle certifications. Additionally, the company released a new test engine in April that allows users greater customization capabilities with the company’s electronic-based practice exam titles. These functionalities include a flexible learning environment, the capacity to add and augment content, and new features that enhance users’ online and offline experiences.


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