Training Camp Announces Mac OS X Certification

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Training Camp, a provider of accelerated IT training programs, announced it has introduced an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS) camp. The program lasts three days and helps professionals deepen their knowledge of Mac OS X and develop their ability to service and troubleshoot the operating system for end users.


The ACHDS is the first Apple software course for Training Camp. Executives were initially skeptical of the demand for business-related Apple training courses but were swayed by a corporate client’s suggestion.


“We provided them with their Microsoft training, but they went somewhere else to get their Apple training,” said Joe Barnes, director of enterprise technology product management at Training Camp. “We told them Training Camp was going to develop an Apple course, and they were very enthusiastic. They wanted us to be their sole trainer, but we never have offered the Apple before. So, that was really the big push for us to go ahead and get this out to market.”


The course will cover networking basics such as wireless, Ethernet, FireWire and VPN, in addition to service and troubleshooting, as well as managing the user environment, login options and printer management. The course is taught through a blended learning method of mentoring, lab manuals and practice tests.


The announcement reflects the PC-to-Mac shift more businesses are making, which Barnes has noticed over the past few years.

“I just kind of took that and ran with it through finding out more corporate and business operating systems were on Macs than we originally thought,” Barnes said. “That gave us a boost that said, ‘Let’s go ahead and do this.’ My views of Apple have completely changed from a business perspective.”

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