Trainer1 Supplies the Latest Version of Lectora

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London — Jan. 2
Trainer1 — one of the U.K.’s independent e-learning specialists and a Lectora distributor in Britain — is among the first in the U.K. to offer customers Lectora 2008, the latest version of the Lectora authoring tool from Trivantis.

The authoring tool, which provides single-click publishing to Web-ready dynamic HTML, CD, single file executable, SCORM, AICC and LRN learning standards, has now been augmented by some 50 new features and enhancements. These include a new maintenance plan — available from Trainer1 — for upgrading at lower cost.

According to Trainer1’s Neil Lasher, who is a long-standing member of the product’s beta-test committee: “Lectora 2008 is now faster and more robust than ever before, yet remains easy to use. For example, its Actions Palette enables users to create unlimited interactive learning objects using show and hide functionality, mouse-overs, object visibility toggling, executables and so on to create didactic and/or branched learning scenarios.”

Among the new features of Lectora 2008 are:

• Flash Conversion: Automatically compress and convert video and audio to Flash format. Lectora 2008 provides better compression for faster loading of content, smaller file sizes to free up bandwidth space, complete browser compatibility and the option to view videos in full screen.

• Help Agents: Interactive video help guides provide animated tutorials on the key features in Lectora.

• Media Libraries: One central location for media files — which can now include keywords and metadata to simplify searches — and is accessible by multiple users.

• Certificate Tool: Create customizable template-based certificates.

• Easy Access Template Gallery: Access more than 250 templates within Lectora.

• Content Protection: Protect published content and make it nearly impossible for students to copy and paste from course pages.

“Lectora has been tested and certified as meeting the latest AICC certification guidelines and SCORM specifications,” Lasher said.

“Lectora-authored content integrates with all learning management systems certified as compliant with AICC guideline AGR-010 — Web-Based Computer Managed Instruction. These specifications allow for the development of common open-architecture guidelines for interoperable learning environments.

“Moreover, its new features keep Lectora at the very top of the user-friendly authoring tool tree,” Lasher commented. “No self-respecting e-learning developer should miss out on reviewing this product.”

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