Trainer1 Offers Class on "Cracking E-Learning"

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London — Sept. 19
E-learning may have been around for nearly 15 years (and its predecessor, “computer-based training,” for some years before that), but today, most people who are given responsibility for implementing e-learning in their organizations are unsure of the best way to go about things.

These are the key findings from a lengthy study of e-learning implementation within the corporate learning sector by independent e-learning specialists Trainer1.

As a result, Trainer1’s Neil Lasher (who is also the president of the ASTD Global Network U.K., a committee member of the eLearning Network — the United Kingdom’s foremost professional association for users and developers of e-learning — and a world-renowned instructional design specialist) is facilitating “Cracking E-Learning,” in a series of one-day workshops.

“Imagine you’ve just received the green light from your boss to implement e-learning into your organization,” Lasher said. “What do you do next — do you buy, or do you build yourself? How would you select an authoring tool? Do you need a learning management system, and if so, which one? Either way, how will you know if you are using the right media? How do you get e-learning created? And when should you be including sound and video in your e-learning materials?

“At each stage of the e-learning scoping, commissioning, design, delivery and review cycle, there are potentially costly mistakes to be made. The ‘Cracking E-Learning’ course covers all aspects of e-learning development — who should be involved and when to involve them; what the pitfalls are; how they can be avoided; the sort of marketing strategy to be employed to capture the attention of your end-users, and how to maximize the impact of corporate culture into your learning. Heeding the lessons it would teach you could help you to save the cost of the course many times over.”

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