Tracking Control System Eliminates Lost, Stolen Company Assets

<p><strong>Livingston, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 7</strong><br />CCTsoftware, a division of Castle Computer Technologies LLC, has released a new update to Key Control, a Windows program that makes it easy to track company laptops, credit cards, keys, ID cards, beepers, cars, office cleaning equipment and more. </p><p>Essentially, know which employees have signed out which assets and when they are returned. Keep all your assets under control.<br /><br />It&#39;s easy to create a master inventory of your organization&#39;s loanable items, from computers and dictating machines to credit cards and cell phones. Similarly, you can create a list of all of your employees. </p><p>Assigning items to individuals is as simple as dragging the item name and dropping it onto the name of the individual to whom it is assigned.<br /><br />You can track employees by name, badge number, department and active/inactive status and see immediately which assets have been assigned to them. </p><p>You can maintain a database of an unlimited number of assets, including descriptions and serial numbers. Key Control keeps track of who has possession of each asset, when it was assigned to them, and when it was returned.<br /><br />New features in the current version enhance the program&#39;s security. It&#39;s easy to set user passwords and access levels.&nbsp; The new audit tracking feature lets you monitor who made changes in the software settings. The new inventory control feature lets you track multiple items of assets that you loan out.<br /><br />Key Control includes a comprehensive set of reports. It&#39;s easy to select…



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