Torbay Opts for Tata Interactive Systems’ Program

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Torbay Children&rsquo;s Services has commissioned global learning provider Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) to develop an e-learning course in integrated working. The modular program enables those working across children&rsquo;s services to understand how to work together more effectively in order to improve outcomes for young people.<br /> <br />The modules of the Children&#39;s Services Integrated Working Program are intended for those who work with young people across children&rsquo;s services agencies including education, social services, Connexions, health, early years and schools. The modules cover:<br /><br /><ul><li>Introduction to Every Child Matters (ECM).</li><li>Introduction to Integrated Working.</li><li>Information Sharing in Practice.</li><li>Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in Practice.</li><li>Lead Professional in Practice.</li><li>Local arrangements.</li></ul> <br />&ldquo;Learning and training are becoming key issues for everyone who is involved with delivering children&rsquo;s services,&rdquo; explained TIS&rsquo;s Sunil Mehta.<br /> <br />&ldquo;Common questions include: How do I bring different organizations together, increase levels of multiagency working and provide effective and consistent training to a large audience; how can I ensure that the new legislation is communicated effectively and the department can audit that training has been delivered; and how can I provide learning at the point of need for front-line service staff so that they can carry out their job effectively and securely?&rdquo;<br /> <br />TIS believes that these e-learning programs &mdash; which can be customized to each council or department &mdash; not only provide some answers to these questions but also provide an accurate, up-to-date message that is easily accessible and widely available as and when required. Mehta commented: &ldquo;As such, we believe that these are not only highly effective learning materials but that they also represent impressive value for taxpayers&rsquo; money, compared with the costs of classroom-based delivery of this subject matter.<br /> <br />&ldquo;Among the teaching techniques employed in the programs is TIS&rsquo;s highly acclaimed story-based learning objects (StoBLs) approach, which uses highly realistic scenarios and stories, interactive quizzes and case studies, along with other learning aids including checklists to present learning materials in a vivid and memorable way.&rdquo; <br />

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