Top Trends for 2010

It’s no secret that people are holding on tight to their money these days. Businesses are no exception. Throughout 2010, IT professionals can expect that nearly all aspects of purchasing, operations and training will be governed by financial risk. Senior executives will be asking themselves, “How do we spend most efficiently to get the most in return?”

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean budgets will be slim going forward.

“People are taking a much more proactive approach to their IT and technology structure. You can only pack it on ice for so long,” said John Reed, district president for Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee at Robert Half Technology. In fact, according to the company’s most recent Edge Report, IT hiring is poised for dramatic growth.

“IT was the No. 1 area that managers were hiring for — that was very encouraging,” said Reed, who noted that previously customer service hiring was first, followed by sales staff, and then marketing and creative. “From a business perspective, your company is either moving forward or being passed by competitors.”

For this reason, executives will be examining what they need to do to take advantage and move ahead and what enhancements are needed to ensure their companies’ health for years to come.

It’s About Money, Honey

“Today, CIOs have been shocked into the realization that budgets have been cut, things have changed, and they’re left holding the bag,” said Jeff Weber, managing director for Protiviti’s IT effectiveness controls practice. “We’re spending our time helping our…



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