Top Ten Reasons for VARs to Embrace Defrag

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<strong>Burbank, Calif. &mdash; April 24</strong><br />After a one-year case study at more than 75 Channel events, Diskeeper Corp. announced the &ldquo;Top Ten Reasons for VARs to Embrace Defrag.&rdquo; The study was conducted off VAR interviews at CompTIA Breakaway, Gov/Ed Alliance, SMB Nation, ASCII Boot Camp, SMB Summit, Fusion, VTN and more. Here are the results: <br /><br />1. Server virtualization may reduce the number of physical systems for more efficient CPU utilization. Consolidating five servers into one means you&#39;ll have 5 times the traffic and 5 times the levels of fragmentation taking place on a single server. <br /><br />2. Defragging provides more "up time" by saving your machines from excessive drive head activity. This extends hardware life another one to two years. <br /><br />3. Savvy VARs have defragmenters on their servers not just for the margins, but because they can&#39;t afford not to. Those on service contracts lose money each and every time they take a support call. And many of those calls are from fragmentation-related issues such as system slows or even drive failures. Defragging eliminates those calls altogether. <br /><br />4. One file = one scan. One thousand fragmented files = one thousand scans. Thus defragging cuts long antivirus scans nearly in half. The same applies to backup times. It&#39;s a simple numbers game: The more fragmentation you have, the more you suffer. <br /><br />5. Load times for Office docs like Word, Excel and Outlook show a hefty return in speed after defragging. Boot times can also be sped up by defragging the MFT file. And even Web browsing is sped up two to three times from a good defrag of the Internet cache. Remember, the more fragmentation you have, the more you suffer. <br /><br />6. Defragging busy file/SQL/Exchange servers increases network traffic speeds by freeing up I/O bottlenecks. <br /><br />7. Repeat business is based upon customer confidence in your ability to keep their machines up and running at maximum speed. A defragmenter is the most inexpensive performance enhancement you can make, far cheaper than memory or hardware upgrades. <br /><br />8. Even when you have the fastest CPU and memory available, a machine&#39;s performance is negatively affected by fragmentation. Why? Because the disk drive is still the slowest component in a computer. And as the saying goes, "A computer is only as fast as its slowest component." Defragging the drive is thus essential to all computers, old and new. <br /><br />9. Automatic defraggers such as Diskeeper make your job easier by taking the guesswork out of scheduling. <br /><br />10. The tenth and possibly best reason to defrag is your free time, your family time and your work time. So to spend your time on better things, embrace an automatic defragger. <br />

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