Psychometrics Expert Joins Hogan Assessment

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<p><b>Tulsa, Okla. &mdash; Jan. 30</b><br />Paul Barrett, a psychometrician with 25 years of experience, including research on personality assessment at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, has joined Hogan Assessment Systems.</p><p>Hogan Assessment Systems uses its own personality assessment tests to help companies select employees and develop leaders. </p><p>The company has offices in Tulsa, Okla., and Jacksonville, Fla., and local distributors in more than 30 countries.</p><p>Barrett was named chief research scientist. Among his duties ill be product development and mining the company&#39;s data archives to eek new relationships between personality and job performance. </p><p>He will work with both the company&#39;s research and development team and the client-research team.</p><p>Barrett has been serving as adjunct professor of psychometrics and performance measurement at Auckland University and adjunct ssociate professor of psychology at the University of Canterbury, both<br />in New Zealand.</p><p>He earned his Ph.D. degree in 1981 in the psychometrics of personality tests from the University of Exeter, where he also earned a achelor&#39;s in psychology and mathematical statistics.</p><p>Barrett has worked as an applied methodologist and consultant in arket research data analysis, selection and recruitment, commercial psychometrics, clinical outcome evaluation and ROI analysis.</p><p>During his 12 years at the Institute of Psychiatry, his projects included working on the cross-cultural psychometrics for the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. </p><p>More than 40 countries contributed data to the project, spanning more than 43,000 cases.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p><p>Later, he served as chief psychologist for a Carter Holt Harvey human resources spinoff company in New Zealand, where he and two other consultants were responsible for developing the graphical profiler technology that was used within the Talent Engine product.</p><p>Barrett is a chartered psychologist within the British<br />Psychological Society, and he is a full member of various U.S., U.K., and European psychological and psychometric organizations.</p>

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