Tivoli Announces Certification Study Groups

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If you’re looking to certify in any or all of the Tivoli Software products, Tivoli has created a pilot of free certification study groups to assist IBM business partners, customers, employees and anyone else interested in achieving their certification goals. These study groups will give participants an opportunity to study for an exam in a collaborative and structured environment to review exam objectives and operational issues via weekly teleconferencing and on-line discussion forums.

The study groups will cover:



  • Exam 786: IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager V4.2 Implementation
  • Exam 797: IBM Tivoli Identity Manager V4.5 Implementation
  • Exam 872: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.2 Implementation
  • Exam 593: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.1.1 Implementation


The weekly study groups of 15 or fewer participants will last for eight to 12 weeks depending on the exam. Once a team is launched, new candidates will be placed on a waiting list until a new group can be formed. The groups feature a weekly conference call using the new Web-based IBM Collaboration Center. Because this is the pilot phase of the program, an IBM employee who is also a certification candidate will facilitate calls and handle scheduling.


IBM does not instruct or teach on the calls. The group must organize self/group study, assignments, etc. Each group facilitator will have a designated subject-matter expert to call upon when necessary. IBM will seed the collaboration center library with relevant documents and learning materials but it will be the study group’s responsibility to find and archive most of the material as they progress. Certification exam test objectives will serve as an outline for the study group to follow. Study group members who participate in most of the sessions will receive a discounted exam, the group facilitators will receive something more as a thank you such as a free exam and Tivoli Certified logoware.


Tivoli Certification Study Groups are free of charge to all IBM employees, business partners and customers. Study group participants are expected to have a working knowledge of the product prior to joining the study group. A list of prerequisites will be posted online. If you have experience with ITCM, ITIM, ITSM or ITM, and would like to participate you can sign up by sending an e-mail to tivsseo@us.ibm.com. Specify which study group you are interested in joining, and details will be sent to you by the study group leader.


“We’re helping people interested in becoming certified, take that last step,” said Ben Briggs, Tivoli Software Certification program manager. “The certification study groups don’t replace formal education or hands-on experience. They put together a group of 10 or 15 people who are all interested in becoming certified in an environment where they can go through the test objectives, exchange information and polish their skills. I see it also as a way of helping people allocate the time necessary to do it now instead of putting it off for some time in the future. There’s probably few college courses you couldn’t learn simply by reading the material or doing the work on your own, but you’d never do it. We’re making available as much material and documentation as we can find on how to deploy the products and the areas the certification covers so it’ll also be a venue where (people) can find material they might not have been able to easily find study guides, red books, deployment guides, maybe some best practices. Certainly there will be links to where the sample questions are on the Web.”


For more information, visit http://www-1.ibm.com/certify/news/20040617.shtml.

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