Tips to Search for a Job While Employed

Hiring in the technology field is starting to pick up. In fact, a net 5 percent of CIOs polled for the latest "Robert Half Technology Hiring Index and Skills Report " plan to add IT staff in the second quarter. The results are up two points from the first quarter’s forecast and are three points higher than the projection a year ago. That means more opportunities are presenting themselves, and now may be the right time to make a move.

If you’re employed, you don’t want your search for a new opportunity to jeopardize your current job. Follow these tips for successfully — and confidentially — looking for work while employed.

Consider internal opportunities. This should be your first course of action. Consider whether it’s your job that makes you unhappy or the company itself. If it’s the former, you might be able to adjust your role so it becomes more satisfying. For example, would you like additional responsibility or the opportunity to manage others? Speak with your supervisor about the aspects of your position you’d like to change and how modifying your job could benefit you and the firm. He or she might even suggest other opportunities within the organization that align with your interests and abilities.

Keep it to yourself. As excited as you may be about the possibility of locating a new job, don’t let anyone at work know about your desire to find greener pastures. Even if you’re close to someone…



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