Tips to Build a Solid Foundation in IT

Just as babies learn to crawl before they learn to walk, individuals gravitating toward a career path in IT must do the same: Build a solid foundation and, step by step, keep adding and expanding their knowledge and skills until they become specialized and, over time, become experts in their chosen field.

As an aspiring IT professional, you can start building your IT skills by knowing the basics of computer hardware and software. Getting familiar with all the components in a computer will allow you to learn how they work and interface with each other. It’s helpful to know what RAM (random-access memory), ROM (read-only memory), motherboards and their many variations are. Knowing what software is and how it interfaces with hardware and humans is also a fundamental part of having a solid IT foundation.

The CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral certification that will allow you to acquire the basic knowledge of computer hardware and software needed to jump-start your IT career. Since A+ provides basic knowledge about computer hardware and software and you already understand the basic concepts of how computers work, you are now ready to keep building on that solid ground by understanding networking.

Individuals who are new to IT networking tend to be overwhelmed by the many available career paths, but the best approach to becoming a networking expert is to understand all the basic concepts of networking, such as the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection model), and being able to compare and contrast…



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