Time-Strapped IT Pros Need Accurate Online Info

As downsizing and outsourcing become increasingly popular options for companies these days, IT professionals are asked to do more in less time.

As a result, they routinely search far and wide to find quick and good-quality troubleshooting help. But according to a recent Safari Books Online study, IT professionals are missing out on the most valuable resource of all: each other.

Fifty-seven percent of the 225 respondents said they spend an hour or less sharing information with new employees during orientation, and 25 percent don’t share at all.

“I think people don’t share with each other because they’re just overwhelmed with everything that they need to get done,” said CJ Rayhill, senior vice president of product management and technology at Safari Books Online. “So trying to support them in ways that they can access information and share insights of that learning with other people — and do that in a mechanism or form that doesn’t take a whole lot of extra time — I think is really the challenge.”

It’s important to maintain “a readied resource and reference for the people [who] need to get twice as much done [as before],” she added.

It’s especially important given that, according to the report, the most common form of research done by IT professionals is online searching, and almost half of these professionals reported the content they found and used in critical projects was inaccurate.

There are numerous business implications for organizations whose workers fall prey to the…

Meagan Polakowski


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