Time Management in Today’s Workplace

Because many organizations are operating with leaner staffs and smaller budgets, you may be managing heavier workloads with fewer resources. How can you get everything done without overloading yourself and burning out? Here are a few tips to help you manage your time.

Put together a plan. It might seem cliché, but one of the best tools at your disposal is a simple to-do list. At the beginning of the week, take a few minutes to note — in a PDA, day planner or just a sheet of paper — what you have to accomplish that week, highlighting whatever daily deadlines you may have. Review it at the beginning and end of each day, adjust it as and when necessary, and stay on top of your most pressing priorities.

Focus on just one thing. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking can kill your efficiency. It may seem like you can save time by tackling several projects at once, but if you jump on a conference call while answering e-mail and putting together the agenda for an upcoming meeting, your decreased attention on each task is likely to lead to mistakes or cause you to overlook important items.

If you find yourself being pulled in multiple directions, determine which task is most important and focus on it. Keep in mind the assignment with the closest deadline may not be your most pressing concern. An important production deadline may not hit until next week, but it will likely take precedence over a…



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