TIA’s CTP Cert Set for Revision

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is set to revise its Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) certification, which is administered by Prosoft Learning. CTP tests basic knowledge of convergence industry standards and protocols, infrastructure, signaling, basic telephony, voice-over IP (VoIP), topology convergence and the skills required to perform jobs related to these technologies.


It’s targeted toward individuals either pursuing or engaged in careers in the voice, data or convergence industries, including channel partner sales professionals, technical representatives and advanced technical and application sales engineers.


James Stanger, Prosoft Learning chief certification architect, said it was time to refresh the certification. He also said, the last time CTP was revised, about three years ago, TIA and Prosoft created a U.K.-specific exam.


“This time, we’re going to one single exam that’ll cover worldwide issues,” Stanger said. “We tend to go into lots of depth about different technologies, and the more depth you go into, the more snags you hit. One of the things we did in the past is we went in-depth into technologies that tend to move you into country-specific knowledge, and you can cause problems that way. So, with the new exam, we’ve consulted the subject matter pretty heavily to make sure that we can come up with one exam that’s still relevant to all the countries and implementations out there.”


Additionally, he said VoIP’s status as a growth industry prompted a move toward revising the CTP certification.


“There’s been enormous change over the last couple of years in the VoIP industry,” he said. “There’s been a lot more standardization, and session initiation protocol has taken the clear lead and brought a lot more clarity to the market, so we’re reflecting that clarity.”


The exam’s objectives keep the same divisions, covering first data networking, then telephony networking and finally convergence technology.

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