Thomson Learning Reveals Recipe for Success

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<p><strong>Clifton Park, N.Y. &mdash; May 2</strong><br />Thomson Delmar Learning, a provider of lifelong learning products and services, has announced an online assessment program designed to increase the success of distance learning education for students enrolled in full academic online programs, as well as those taking as little as single course. </p><p>Your Online Learning Success Plan (YOLSP) provides diagnostic information to help students identify learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as offers tips that are intended to improve online course performance.<br /><br />Nearly two-thirds of instructors agree the critical barrier for student success is discipline, which can be addressed through targeted programs based on YOLSP report results. </p><p>Recently, online student drop-out rates have soared as high as 50 percent. </p><p>Using YOLSP, instructors and administrators can access aggregate student population responses or view individual student reports to influence course curricula and maximize learning outcomes. </p><p>The 30 diagnostic questions offer personalized suggestions and tailored success plans for students.<br /><br />&ldquo;Online and distance-learning programs have become a critically important component in the learning landscape of higher education and lifelong learning institutions,&quot; said Gerard MAvey of Thomson Delmar Learning. &quot;Your Online Learning Success Plan helps students achieve maximum academic results and enables instructors to help this growing market by tailoring curriculum to student needs. Students truly benefit from this ground-breaking program by learning their individual strengths and weaknesses and developing learning habits and behaviors based on those assessments.&rdquo;<br /><br />YOLSP was developed in response to meet the needs and challenges of the ever-growing population of online courses and distance-learning programs. </p><p>In the fall of 2005, more than 318 million students were enrolled in an online course. </p><p>Additionally, nearly 60 percent of chief academic officers say distance learning is vital to the long-term success of their respective institutions. &nbsp;<br /><br />Your Online Learning Success Plan can supplement any textbook within any discipline that offers online courses, or as a standalone option. </p>

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