Thomson Learning Acquires TrueOutcomes

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<p><strong>Stamford, Conn. &mdash; July 11</strong><br />Thomson Learning, an academic publishers in higher education, has acquired TrueOutcomes LLC, a Web-based provider of universal assessment tools. </p><p>Thomson Learning will develop the core functions of TrueOutcomes to provide college and university faculty, administrators and students ready access to data that demonstrates how &mdash; and how well &mdash; student learning objectives and desired outcomes are being met at the course, program and/or institutional level.<br /><br />&quot;Thomson Learning is taking the lead in building superior products and services that meet the needs of all key stakeholders in higher education: students, faculty and administrators,&quot; said Harris Morris, chief strategy officer. &quot;This is an important tool to help us meet the dynamic needs of higher-education institutions and offer solutions that truly improve educational results.&quot;<br /><br />TrueOutcomes provides easy-to-use tools that link administrators, faculty, students, alumni and external stakeholders through flexible assessment instruments. </p><p>TrueOutcomes&#39; many tools are designed for institutionwide measurement of student learning outcomes across differing disciplines.<br /><br />Accreditation bodies, students and parents are acutely interested in improving &quot;educational ROI.&quot; </p><p>As a result, they are demanding evidence of<br />institutional effectiveness.&nbsp; </p><p>TrueOutcomes provides an excellent platform to help institutional customers meet these demands. <br /><br />Thomson Learning has acquired TrueOutcomes to meet this mandate by providing tools and resources that will effectively map course content to accreditation standards and provide a means for accurately reporting student results across programs, disciplines and curricula.<br /><br />Dr. Douglas Walcerz, TrueOutcomes president, has spent several years working in the space.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;By joining forces with Thomson Learning, True Outcomes will have the content and distribution resources required to<br />work closely with existing customers to expand our programs while attracting new opportunities,&quot; Walcerz said. </p><p>Walcerz has joined Thomson Learning Solutions and will focus his efforts on developing the platform and supporting customers.<br /><br />&quot;With the acquisition of TrueOutcomes, Thomson Learning is positioned to become the provider of choice for outcomes-based digital solutions in the higher-education market,&quot; said Sally Elliott, Thomson Learning Solutions president. &quot;We are proud to be bringing this significant and vital tool to higher-education institutions and to be contributing in a meaningful, measurable way to track and support the improvement of students&#39; learning outcomes.&quot;</p>

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