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<p><b>Washington, D.C. &mdash; Feb. 9</b><br />Employee handbooks are more important than ever as employers face rapid changes in technology, societal norms and worker expectations. </p><p>Thompson&rsquo;s Employee Handbook Builder breaks new ground with an intuitive, Web-based system that allows businesses to create customized handbooks compliant with federal and state laws.<br /><br />Designed in conjunction with top employment attorneys at Jackson Lewis, Thompson&rsquo;s Employee Handbook Builder delivers up-to-date advice for employers and employees in everything from sexual harassment to blogging and email policies.&nbsp; </p><p>Notably, the Handbook Builder provides in-depth analysis of both federal and state regulations &mdash; without the expense for additional forms or extra modules from competitive programs.&nbsp; </p><p>And when laws change, updates are promptly communicated to customers to help them keep their handbooks in compliance.<br /><br />&ldquo;In late 2006, San Francisco passed an ordinance requiring employers to offer paid sick leave to their employees,&rdquo; said Phil Gabel, Thompson Publishing Group president and CEO. &ldquo;We communicated this change to our California customers weeks before the changes took effect, enabling them to amend their handbooks and keep them current.&rdquo; <br /><br />Gabel also said because Employee Handbook Builder allows employees to access employee handbooks through a password-protected Web site, companies save money on costly printing and distribution when changes do occur.<br /><br />With the highly intuitive online program, users conversant with their company&rsquo;s operations easily can work through the entire handbook-building process in about an hour. </p><p>But users don&rsquo;t have to write an entire handbook in one sitting &mdash; they can log out and come back at any time to finish creating a new employee handbook or to edit a completed handbook.<br /><br />Thompson&rsquo;s Employee Handbook Builder is entirely customizable and intuitive with minimal jargon.&nbsp; </p><p>An interview format produces sample employee handbook pages based on user selections &mdash; policies they can modify, edit and reformat through standard Web-based word processing tools. <br /><br />When viewing these sample employee handbook pages, users can click on &ldquo;Explain This to Me&rdquo; pages, which contain additional insights on how and when a particular provision may apply, or legal pitfalls to avoid. </p>

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