The Webmaster: Online Everyman

As the name immediately implies, the webmaster is master of all things Web-related within a given organization. But the reality of a webmaster’s daily existence can vary widely from person to person and project to project.

At  first glance, the term “webmaster” might seem like an ill-conceived Spider-Man antagonist or maybe a position of great influence in “Dungeons & Dragons.” In reality, however, it’s one of the most challenging and varied IT jobs roles a person can tackle.

A webmaster is responsible for designing, developing, marketing or maintaining a Web site. As such, he or she (the position is known as “webmistress” in its feminine form) will likely have to master a wide variety of technologies, often without much in the way of time to surmount learning curves.

Because webmasters will end up being a company’s online point man, they are required to be all things to all people. Webmasters heed the call whenever anyone has any interaction or problem with that company’s online processes. Not surprisingly, long hours come with the territory.

“I work ridiculous hours, to be honest,” said Joel Tosi, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) webmaster.

The CME is an American financial exchange that trades equities, currencies, commodities and interest rates, as well as real estate and weather derivatives.

Publications and institutions around the world rely on the financial data its Web site generates, which increases the pressure on a CME webmaster.

“The biggest thing with the Web site is, although we don’t publicize any…

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