The Trainer’s Role in Migration

When an organization adopts new software or hardware, employees easily can be frustrated with the process if training is not integrated into the transition.

“[It] can be used as a tool, not only to prepare businesses for the move, but also to help them maximize their investment,” said Sandy Dubose, a trainer with Certiport, a provider of digital literacy and desktop productivity training, assessment and certification solutions.

Because training is a necessary element of a migration, IT trainers should be well-versed in the new technology so that they are prepared to train others.

“[Trainers should] train others, so there’s not just one person or a handful of people that have expertise,” Dubose said. “Make sure at least one [person in each department] is certified and knowledgeable [about the software or hardware].”

By dispersing this knowledge and training key people throughout an organization, trainers will save their IT departments a headache.

“If you don’t provide some type of training, your IT department will be bombarded with questions and calls,” said Karen Pickles, another trainer with Certiport. “With training I recently did, [we trained] all employees, and we were able to eliminate major issues. All the staff and employees were actually looking forward to the migration, and our IT department did not receive any calls.”

If an organization is migrating to new software or hardware, Pickles and Dubose recommend involving all employees in the transition so they understand what’s happening.

“Everyone is going to need…



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