The Soles of Your Shoes: Windows to Your Soul?

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After reading our esteemed Senior Editor Brian Summerfield’s blog discussing how much women love technology more than shoes, I would just like to say, that’s complete bollocks! Who exactly were they polling? Barefoot extremists from some interplanetary colony that worships microchips and steel buttons? And where were these anti-shoe women raised, on an iPod farm somewhere away from anything resembling a major department store’s shoe section? Baffling.

But in the interests of career development, I do have a shoe-related comment for boys and girls, but mostly boys. If you’re interviewing for a new gig or aiming high for a corner office or an office period, get your shoes tapped. There is nothing tackier than to see a man in a nice suit talking on a nice phone with a sharp haircut walk by and look down to see that his shoe heels are worn down on one side. Bleck!

On one hand this says, I’m working hard. Look, I’ve worn my shoe heels completely down walking the beat. On the other hand it says, I’m working hard. I also neglect details, I’m not as conscientiousness as I’d like you to think I am and/or I’m poor. Being poor’s not a career crime, but you wouldn’t want your prospective employer to think that you’re just trying to get a job because you need the money, would you? Especially since no one actually works for money! Come on. We like to commute and sit in meetings and take orders and stuff. It’s fun.

My sister put it rather more succinctly. When she sees worn down heels on a man’s shoes, she automatically thinks, “He’s got problems.” For men, the belt, shoes and the watch tell a lot about who you are or who you may want to be. So gents, make an appointment to drop your dress shoes off at your neighborhood cobbler. It’s the details that can win the day in an interview or a meeting, and according to a recent article in the RedEye, a supplement to the Chicago Tribune newspaper, pretty people make more money and enjoy more opportunities (like we didn’t already know that). So make sure your accessories match, shoes and belt and briefcase etc. That whole “love me for who am I and not how I look” spiel never actually held water. It was more of a nice idea that got brushed aside in favor of reality.

And ladies, for you anti-shoe girls out there, you may not want to buy ‘em as much as a new laptop, but if your heels are scuffed, worn or scratched, you may need new shoes. Your shoes’ close personal friend, the purse, is equally important to an outfit’s overall success and effectiveness. Shoes, my dear IT pros, are the equivalent of the window to the soul for your entire look. So keep yours polished and in good repair.

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