The ROI of IT

One of the more common criticisms of the IT department is that it’s just a gaggle of geeks who sit around and tinker with technology that has little to no relevance to their business. Whether that’s true or not, the fact is that the utility of IT investments comes down from decisions made by company leaders, and technology pros should not be made a scapegoat for misspent funds.

John Thorp, president of IT consulting company The Thorp Network and author of a book called the “The Information Paradox,” works frequently with business executives on maximizing the value of their technology investments. He will be speaking on this subject in his keynote address at the 2006 North American Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) Conference in Orlando, Fla. next month.

“My real focus now, because I’ve seen so much waste and so many missed opportunities in the past, is to try and get the business to understand that the so-called ‘IT value problem’ is a business problem, not an IT problem,” Thorp said. “A lot of businesses still perceive this as an IT problem and for whatever reason are unwilling to step up to their responsibilities. CIOs have an enormous challenge to get the business to engage in this process.”

To get the greatest possible return on investment (ROI) from IT, business leaders have to carefully consider what their objectives are and how technology can help them achieve that, he said. “IT today is not about just implementing…



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