The Open Group: Testing Your IT Street Smarts

As business operations become more geographically dispersed, organizations around the world are faced with numerous IT challenges as they evolve to remain competitive, particularly in the current economic downturn. These pressures are in turn placed on IT professionals, also forcing them to evolve their skills in order to remain competitive in the job market. Today, organizations need experienced and business-aware IT professionals who can plan, design and implement IT solutions in relation to recognized quality standards. Professionals who prove they have the necessary skills and experience to meet these requirements can immediately differentiate themselves from the competition — a crucial factor in the current economic climate.

According to the TechServe Alliance (formerly the National Association of Computer Consultants), which analyzes federal labor data on IT-related occupations, technology employment has been shrinking from December 2008 to May 2009 at a rate of about 4.63 percent. Since hiring freezes and layoffs are likely to continue through the end of this year, IT professionals must reinforce their skill sets and certifications to distinguish themselves to the few organizations that are still hiring in the downturn.

IT Street Smarts Over Book Smarts

There are a tremendous number of IT certifications available on the market for individuals to prove their knowledge of a specific product or process. How do IT professionals choose a certification program that will help distinguish them and demonstrate their experience and skills? In most programs, to achieve a certification, you usually need to attend a training course or read the…



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