New Level of ITAC Certification Announced

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The Open Group, a consortium focused on open standards and global interoperability, recently announced plans for a new certification level within their IT Architect Certification (ITAC) program. The Distinguished Certified IT Architect certification is the third of three levels within ITAC, following mid- and entry-level certifications. The two current levels represent more than 2,000 ITAC-certified individuals from companies such as HP, EDS and IBM. The announcement of a third level fits with the Open Group’s overall plan for ITAC.


“We wanted a certification program that would allow people to become certified at an entry level and the mainstream level of practicing, but we also wanted a program that would recognize people who are at the top of the profession and playing a leadership role in their organizations within the architecture domain,” said Len Fehskens, the Open Group’s vice president and global professional lead for enterprise architecture.


The Distinguished ITAC has been in development for the past year, and follows the 18 months it took to complete the mid- and entry-level editions of ITAC. To achieve the certification, candidates must submit evidence from past projects detailing their involvement in 15 to 20 preset skill areas. Because it’s the most comprehensive of the three ITAC levels, candidates must show their impact in their specific area of expertise but also across the whole of the company.


“The key three things [candidates must demonstrate] are applying a leadership role, having responsibility that is enterprisewide and also having significant business impact in terms of how the programs contribute to the bottom line,” Fehskens said. “Again, it’s a very broad enterprisewide impact we’re looking for, not just focused on a single project buried within some small part of the organization.”

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