The jCert Initiative has Been Disbanded

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The jCert Initiative has closed its doors, stating that it has achieved the objectives it set out to accomplish. The certification program was withdrawn at the beginning of 2004, and the Web site, at, will no longer be available at the end of March 2004.




The jCert Initiative was established in November 1999 to establish and promote certification standards for enterprise developers working with Java technologies. Sponsors of the Initiative included IBM, Oracle, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, ProsoftTraining and others. The idea was that Java developers could earn certifications across multiple vendors without having to constantly retest on the same level of material. This cross-industry view helped developers save time and money by investing in a single certification path from multiple vendors, rather than testing on multiple, similar paths. 




According to the jCert Web site, the Initiative has been disbanded due to changing business environments and the evolving directions of its members’ certification programs. These certification programs, which jCert helped its members to establish, are relatively mature and are able to evolve on their own. 




For candidates who are in the process of pursuing certifications that were endorsed by the Initiative, jCert recommends contacting the company with questions about programs. ProsoftTraining’s Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) program and IBM plan to adopt and continue the Web Developer exam through Prometric as part of their separate certification programs. Training for this exam will continue to be offered through CGS and SkillSoft.




If you’re looking for information specific to jCert, send e-mail to Otherwise, refer to each vendor’s certification Web site to find out more about continuing Java certification programs.

Emily Hollis is managing editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at 

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