The International Market for Certification

Certification in the United States has had its ups and downs in recent years. In the early part of the decade, there was a widespread industry battle between those who said certification had no value and those who were convinced that it did.

The latter group won — new certs crop up regularly, old certs are retooled to fit technology’s ever-changing needs and more IT professionals have turned to certification as one way to prove they’re skilled, capable and deserving of coveted jobs in a tough employment market.

The international certification space, in particular, is drawing a lot of attention. Although most agree the United States has the biggest certification market, determining who the other major players are, and why they’re busily getting certified, depends on whom you ask.
Industry experts agree, however, that hiring managers need to see not only technical competence, which certifications can demonstrate, but also business capabilities.

Therefore, IT professionals worldwide should think outside the siloed world of IT and expand their knowledge into business.
Who are the Players?
Cushing Anderson, program director at research company IDC, said the U.S. IT market and the resulting spending are four times the size of the next-largest country, Japan. There is a correlation between countries with the greatest IT spending and certification activity, Anderson said.
“Certifications are adopted by individuals who are interested in gaining employment in regions, and increased IT spending suggests there are more job opportunities. Therefore, people get certified,” Anderson explained. “The fastest-growing…



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