The Holiday Bonus

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I’m not unlike a lot of people in that I spend the year looking forward to December. It’s not the weather (I’m in Chicago—trust me, it’s not the weather), and it’s not even the spirit of Christmas and capitalism that has me and millions of my friends shoving unmercifully to get the perfect gift for Mom.


No, I’m a geek in the fondest sense of the word, and it’s our annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey that has me spiking my eggnog and singing off-key carols. And this year, I’m especially thrilled.


Not just with the results, though those are noteworthy. No, I’m thrilled with the package of work my staff of editors put together. Like a swarm of locusts, they descended on the Salary Survey reports, pulling apart bits of data, sampling samples, digesting information. That whirr you heard wasn’t beating wings—it was overcharged calculators, but it was music to an editor’s ears.


Here’s a holiday wish for you: May you be blessed with hard-working, reliable colleagues.

Now, about those results: I won’t share much with you here, because I hope you’ll turn to page 18 and feast on the information yourself. Some of it may make you sigh in acknowledgment—some of it may make you look at your own paycheck with a new view. Some of it may please you—some of it may startle you.


All of it will make you think. Like this:



  • The average certified IT professional earns $71,100 annually.
  • Women in IT tend to make more than men. Not much more, but more.
  • Bosses seem to be supporting certification less, but individuals are still adding a greater number of certifications.
  • A lot of you are concerned about the offshoring and outsourcing of IT jobs, but only small percentages seem to be suffering.
  • 17.1 percent of you are still studying via brain-dump sites, despite the risks of taking shortcuts that are definitely unethical and likely ill-informed.


Let me sum it up this way: If CertMag’s 2005 Salary Survey doesn’t yield something you want to talk about, you probably need to read it more slowly. Trust me, there’s a lot of there there.


I’m excited about something else this year: We now have the perfect forum for you to share your thoughts with our editors and your peers. As many of you have already learned, our Discussion Forums offer good venues for connecting with other IT experts. We’ve set up a special forum to share your thoughts on the Salary Survey, and you can create your own discussion thread on any element that grabs your attention. Please visit to get the conversational ball rolling.

I’ll see you online. In the meantime, happy holidays to you and yours.


Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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