The Grass May Not Be Greener in a Slower Economy

<strong>Boston &mdash; April 3, 2008</strong><br />With companies continuing to reduce their workforces and fewer new jobs being created, many employees may be planning to ride out the economic turbulence with their current employers. However, a number of workers will be trying to switch employers even during the business slowdown. They should be mindful of a twist to an old saying: &ldquo;The grass may not be greener &mdash; especially in a slower economy,&rdquo; according to ClearRock, an outplacement and executive coaching firm headquartered in Boston.<br /> <br />&ldquo;People should always be cautious when making a decision whether or not to change jobs. But in a slower economy, employees have to consider the potential negative consequences of switching employers more closely than during a better business environment,&rdquo; said Annie Stevens, managing partner with ClearRock.<br /> <br />Among the factors employees need to weigh in considering whether to change jobs during a difficult business environment are:<br /><ul><li><strong>Competition is more intense for jobs, and it&rsquo;s a buyer&#39;s market.</strong> &ldquo;Qualified candidates are more plentiful when a greater number of employers are trimming their labor forces. The supply of unemployed candidates will help employers hold the line on salaries, and compensation packages may not be as attractive as in a better economy,&rdquo; said Stevens.</li><li><strong>There will be more pressure on new hires to obtain results quicker.</strong> &ldquo;There may be a much shorter time period during which successful candidates will have to achieve their objectives, since employers may be looking for new hires to increase sales, cut costs, improve earnings…



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