The China Boom

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Testing has a long history in China. After all it’s part of Chinese culture to be tested and differentiated. However, many mistakenly believe that hardware, literacy, bandwidth and other technologies lag behind in developing countries such as China. But upon closer inspection, China reveals itself to be a qualification-driven society. The country is catching up with the rest of the sophisticated world of testing and certifications; its people increasingly are seeking qualifications to find and secure jobs to improve their lives.

Booming Economy Raises Demand for Talent

For the past two decades, the world has witnessed the fast economic development of China. The growth is far-flung, sweeping through all economic sectors and social strata. From 1978 to 2006, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew an annual average of 9.67 percent, according to the Chinese government. In 2007, China’s GDP grew another 11.4 percent, of which agriculture was up 3.7 percent, manufacturing increased 13.4 percent and the service industry was up 11.4 percent.

This boom has driven up the demand for talents of all sorts. However, there is obvious disequilibrium between supply and demand. According to a blue book report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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